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Fireclass is a revolutionary new class of commercial fire detection equipment. Comprising a comprehensive range of fully approved quality products designed and manufactured in Europe. It is the latest fire detection technology packaged as an easy to install, out-of-the-box, digital open-protocol solution manufactured by Tyco International, the world leader in fire and security solutions. FireClass has been engineered for intuitive use and simple configuration and is based on a well established and trusted technology platform. As an open protocol platform, FireClass also gives end users flexibility in service and maintenance options and spare part procurement.





The Blazer Aspirator Maintenance System


Blazer 400 automatic maintenance Unit

The Blazer carries out automatic maintenance of the piping network of your aspiration system as often as desired. This is achieved by purging compressed air back through the pipes effectively cleaning the pipes and sampling holes of any dirt. The unit is PLC controlled and cleaning frequencies can be programmed to suit the environment. The Blazer has a positive effect on detection and filter lifespan and is a practical alternative to conventional cleaning maintenance, especially when piping can be difficult to access.






Cable and pipe modular transit systems


Hawke transit system

Transit Solutions for the passage of cables, pipes and other services as means to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead or deck through which the services pass. It will also seal against and exhibit resistance to: Water, Gas, Smoke, Vermin, Radiation, Chemicals, Explosion, Ultra Violet Light, EMC and exhibits Noise attenuation properties. A design is required to select the equipment required which takes into account the size of the aperture and the number and diameter of cables. The selected Transit blocks and blanks are then built up within the aperture and tightened to a predetermined torque to achieve the seal.